Care Instruction

To ensure that your TING H jewelry gives you pleasure for many years, it is important to take care of it in the best way possible.

Wear it last and take it off first

Make putting on your jewelry the last thing you do before you go out. Before wearing your jewelry, complete all your skincare, make-up, and perfume. Some cosmetic products or perfumes may contain ingredients that can harm certain stones. When you return home, please make sure to have to remove your jewelry as the first step, before dressing and removing your make-up to avoid unnecessary strain on your jewelry.

Avoiding unnecessary wear and tear

Remove your jewelry when you are bathing, exercising, tidying your garden, taking a spa bath, etc. to avoid unnecessary wear and tear. Remove your jewelry before going to bed. Also, avoid exposing your jewelry to any chemicals, especially aggressive chemicals.

Cleaning methods

Avoid dry rubbing directly on your jewelry. There is a lot of fine dust in the air that can easily adhere to jewelry and rubbing it directly may cause unwanted scratches. To clean jewelry, prepare warm water and a neutral soap or cleaning solution. Use a soft toothbrush to gently clean the surface. Make sure to dry the jewelry thoroughly after cleaning.

Storing your jewelry when not wearing it

When you purchase our jewelry, we include a clear, rigid pouch with your jewelry. When not being worn, you can store your jewelry in this pouch. The airtight bag protects the jewelry from moisture and dust in the air. Store each piece of jewelry separately to avoid wear and tear on each other. Avoid placing jewelry in direct sunlight


Be gentle with your jewelry. No jewelry, including diamonds, gold, silver, etc., can withstand being bumped, dropped, pulled, or corroded by any chemical.