Return Policy

For orders of different styles of products, our website adopts a return only system. If you wish to exchange an item, please request a return before placing a new order.

The principle of exchange on this site is limited to:

1. Products of the same style but different sizes

2. Defective product

7 days appreciation period

Please note that the 7-day appreciation period for online shopping is not a 7-day trial. If you want to return the product, please contact as soon as possible within 7 days (including holidays) of receipt of the product.

Please provide the full information: 1. Order number; 2. Name; 3. Telephone number; 4. Address of receipt; 5. Reason for return or exchange.

Once both parties have confirmed their agreement to return or exchange the product, please send the product within 3 days (working days). Otherwise, the return will be deemed to be canceled.

Please note. If you do not inform us in advance of your return, or if you do not submit a return request after a 7-day appreciation period, we will not be able to accept your return request.

Please read the following guidelines carefully before returning a product.

Please note that the 7-day appreciation period for online purchases is not a trial period. Returned product must be in completely new and unused condition.

Please make sure to send back the complete product and its packaging accessories (including but not limited to the packing box, invoice, carry bag, kraft box, gifts...etc.) when returning. In case of damage or incompleteness, we will deduct or refuse the return at our discretion.

You can return a separate item in one order without the need for a full return. However, there is a limit of one return per order.


Items and situations where returns are not possible

1. Earrings: Under the Taiwan Consumer Protection Act, personal adornments (earrings; ear pins, piercing type) are considered personal hygiene items and therefore do not have a 7-days appreciation period. Due to the principle of personal hygiene, returns and exchanges are not accepted. 

2. The product has signs of use and is not in new condition (if you are only trying it on, please be careful).

3. The returned product is incompleteness, including the missing invoice or product accessories, etc.

4. The return request is made after the 7-day appreciation period. Or the product is not sent within 3 days (working days) after the agreement of return of two parties.

5. The consumer has not informed the Company in advance by e-mail of the need to return the product.

6. If the product is faulty, damaged, abraded, scuffed, scratched, soiled or incomplete due to improper use, disassembly, or other human factors.

7. The return request is not made by the person who ordered the product.

8. Discounts, special offers, and freebies.

If any of the above circumstances apply, returns will not be accepted. Please do not send the product. Otherwise, the Company is not responsible for the loss of the product.

Defective products

All the products are subject to strict quality control and are re-inspected and carefully packaged before delivery. Please check the jewelry as soon as you receive them. If you still find any defects or missing parts, please contact us at within 2 days after receiving the product. Show the problems of the product with the photos attached.

If the defect of the product is free of human factors, we will assist you in returning/exchanging.

Returns/exchanges product must have tags still on and be returned in original product packaging and have no visible signs of wear or use

Please submit your return within the time limit, otherwise, it will not be processed. We reserve the right to the final decision on defects.

 - Please note that the following are not defects, 

Product size: Normal tolerance range 0.5~1cm

Color difference: Each device may have a color difference due to different equipment, the color of the product is based on the actual

Very small stains or minor scratches: not more than 0.5cm in diameter

Liability for non-collection of the product by consumers

After the sale has been concluded, the Company shall deliver the goods in accordance with the contract and the consumer shall collect the goods as soon as possible. Failure to pick up the goods after the Company's reminder shall constitute a delay in collection under civil law. The Company may terminate the contract and may claim delivery charges and related damages against the consumer.

Multi returns and non-collection

We reserve the right to suspend or refuse a transaction if we discover that there are multi cancellations after a consumer has ordered a product and causes the Company loss.

Misdelivered items 

We will take great care in sending you your order. However, in the event of an accidental misdelivery, please do not use it and contact us immediately. We will help you to get your product as soon as possible. Please also help us to return the misdirected product in the correct packaging.

We want you to have a great shopping experience in our online shop. We are committed to providing you with high-quality products and we look forward to your satisfaction with our service.