City of light - House brooch 925silver 18k gold

City of light - House brooch 925silver 18k gold

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Cities, sense of belonging

brooch | 925 silver | size: approx. 68x30x15 mm

- Every artist has his own attic :)

By folding one piece of silver plate, an imaginative city is created.
Welcome to uncover the hidden script and feel the deep emotions inside metropolitans. Discover the uniqueness of each corner.

Surrounding by countless buildings, we lost ourselves in a big city. Nevertheless, every time we light up a room, we define our own space, a place we belong to.

Inspired by the night city lights. In this series, each building has a separate golden pin, represents who you are and which window you choose to light up. Wearing this brooch is like a ritual. You put on the building, then the golden light. The little light defines where you belong to in the city, and who you really are.

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