Ring measurement service

Ring measurement service

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This product is a service, not a physical item

We want to provide you with a ring that is comfortable and easy to wear. If you would like to order a ring but do not know your finger size, we offer a ring measurement service. You can order this service before you order your ring.

How it works

Order Ring measurement service -> provide your name, phone number, and address -> we will send you a professional ring set -> use the ring set we send you to measure your finger -> take a note of your finger size -> return the ring set to us within 3 days -> we will send you a discount code ($500 off) -> pre-order your ring online and choose the ring size that suits you. The $500 discount code can be fully deducted when you order a ring on our website.

Please note that

1. This product is a service and is non-refundable once ordered.

2. No refunds will be given if you do not return the ring set to us or if you do not order a ring after ordering this service. 

3. Please use the ring set properly. We will not issue a discount code if the ring is returned with signs of damage or misuse.

4. If you do not return the ring set within 3 days (working days) after receiving it, we will not issue a discount code. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with the ring measurement service.


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