At the point of the maximum danger is the minimum fear

Recent international outbreak of coronavirus is eveytwhere.
it's very easy to feel worry and anxious watching the nes.
Nowadays everyone lives with Fear
It reminds me a speech from Will Smith.
He said, "There was one concept that I would suggest to people to take a daily confrontation with is fear."
In the speech, Will Smith shared his first real understanding of "fear" is a Dubai skydive experience.
One night in Dubai everyone was drinking and drinking, suggesting to go to skydive the next day
Even agreeing with them ,the night he lied in bed,
praying that everyone to say skydiving this kind of thing is actually drunk no one is serious
The next morning breakfast, he heard everyone seriously going to skydive
To the face had to say "Yeah, Let's go! " loudly,
but in fact the stomach was hurting and worries made him can not swallow anything
he was terrified and keep imagining over and over again jumping out of an airplane and he can't figure out why you would do that.
They got there, had the safety briefing," so of the chute doesn't open what's gonna happen..."
He was thinking "What?" Why? Will it open? How could it not be opened? "
Then everything's normal, the plane go up and up and up and up to 14,000 feet,
and he noticed there's a light red, and it's yellow and green.
and somebody opens the door. And in that moment he realized he has never been in a freaking airplane with the door open.
terror terror terror terror.
So he went. And then people start going out of the airplane.
And he went, and the guy walks you up to the end of the door and just standing and your toes are on the edge, and you're looking out down to.
They say all three and they say one to a pushes you on two because at 3 everyone will die grabbing the door and not letting go
And then he fell.
He was falling, falling, falling. And then because the wind was against the body, it felt like flying
Then everything changed he started to enjoy all this scenery, the building, the feeling of flying,It was a blessed moment
It is the moment he understood. At the point of the maximum danger is the minimum fear.
All the insomnia, breakfast anxiety was not neccessary. Because that happens when he was totally safe in bed, in lobby.
He didn't need that fear. Too much fear was just ruing the day.
But in the most dangerous time, it is the time to be fearless.Usually we're the safest when we're most scared.
So how to live side by side with fear
We must be very very careful, do whatever we can do, protect ourself with all the method
But do not let the fears eat us up.