8 Tips for Daily Jewelry Maintenance

8 Tips for Daily Jewelry Maintenance
1.Remove Jewelry During Specific Activities
Remove your jewelry when you exercise, garden, or take a warm bath to avoid unnecessary wear. Soap water can cause jewelry to slip off during a bath. Additionally, remember to remove your jewelry before going to bed.
2.Avoid Contact with Chemicals
Keep your jewelry away from any chemicals. This includes perfumes, skincare products, and some cosmetics and hair products. Ingredients in some cosmetics or perfumes may damage certain gemstones. Also, do not wear jewelry while swimming or soaking in hot springs.
3.Lukewarm Water and Mild Detergent
Use a neutral detergent to clean your jewelry. Hand soaps without moisturizers or harsh chemicals are a good choice. Prepare some lukewarm water with a drop or two of mild detergent. Soak your jewelry briefly, then gently brush it with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Lukewarm water helps dissolve grease on the jewelry's surface and dust from the air. Overly acidic or alkaline cleaners may damage your jewelry and its set gemstones.
4.Quick Drying
Once you have cleaned your jewelry, remember to dry it quickly. Use a soft towel or paper towel to blot the water from the jewelry, otherwise, the water droplets may leave stains upon natural drying. You can also use a hairdryer on a cool setting (not hot!) to gently blow the jewelry dry. Make sure to secure the jewelry during drying to prevent it from slipping during the blow-drying process.
5.Consider Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner
If dirt and dust are hard to remove from intricate parts, consider purchasing a commercial ultrasonic cleaner and follow the instructions. It can help clean dirt that is difficult to remove from complex structures, such as dirt accumulated and stuck in crevices. However, note that an ultrasonic cleaner cannot solve the problem of metal oxidation.
6.Use Ultrasonic Cleaners Cautiously
If your silver jewelry has an intentionally oxidized design, such as antiqued or blackened treatments, or is set with softer gemstones like turquoise, pearls, coral, or opal, avoid using ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaners might damage jewelry with special darkened treatments and softer gemstones. Also, be cautious if the jewelry has gemstones set on top, as frequent ultrasonic cleaning could loosen the stones.
7.Remove Oxidation Marks with a Silver Polishing Cloth
925 sterling silver or lower karat gold (9k, 10k, 14k) will tarnish over time, which is a natural characteristic of the metal. However, if the jewelry is made of pure silver or yellow gold, you can easily remove the oxidation layer using a silver polishing cloth. If the jewelry is made of other materials (like brass or other alloys) plated with silver or 18K gold, do not use a silver polishing cloth as it may wear away the plating.

8.Use Silver Cleaning Solution to Remove Oxidation Marks
If you want to clean a silver chain, silver cleaning solution is a good choice. You can immerse the silver chain in the solution, and in just a few seconds, you will see the chain regain its shine. If the oxidation is severe, you may extend the immersion time based on the actual condition. Note that if the chain has any gemstones, it is not suitable for cleaning with silver cleaning solution.
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