instructions of jewelry care

  • 3 Basic Steps: Daily Jewelry Cleaning

    While many jewelry cleaning tools are very effective, they often contain chemicals and are not recommended for frequent use. Daily cleaning of jewelry can be easily accomplished in three simple steps: 1. Use warm water and mild detergent, 2. Quick drying, 3. Proper storage of jewelry.
  • 6 Tips for Using a Silver Polishing Cloth

    1.Be Gentle 2.Too Much Force Can Break Fine Chains 3.Be Careful with Prongs 4.Avoid Gemstones 5.Do Not Use on Matte or Antiqued Jewelry 6.Combine with Cleaner and a Soft-Bristled Toothbrush

  • 9 Facts of Polishing Cloth

    A silver polishing cloth is a simple solution for addressing jewelry oxidation. Unlike silver cleaning solutions, you don't need to immerse the entire object. If only part of your 925 sterling silver jewelry is oxidized, the polishing cloth can quickly restore its shine.

  • 8 Tips for Daily Jewelry Maintenance

    1.Remove Jewelry During Specific Activities 2.Avoid Contact with Chemicals
    3.Lukewarm Water and Mild Detergent 4.Quick Drying 5.Consider Using an Ultrasonic Cleaner 6.Use Ultrasonic Cleaners Cautiously 7.Remove Oxidation Marks with a Silver Polishing Cloth 8.Use Silver Cleaning Solution to Remove Oxidation Marks