TING H Jewelry designer


A grand passion dedicating to the jewelry design.
Resolving to narrate stories of each precious art creation.
With Ting H’s unique perception, her art pieces complement to individual character of possessors, and yet elaborate their natural refined dispositions.   Through the ceaseless studies in skill development as well as the accumulated experience in profession, Ting can unquestionably integrate design, fabrication, engraving and stone setting among her skillful hands.  Her way of depiction is expressed in her works across her subtle observation during the interaction with people or objects. Over and above, she remains a motion of innocence, which is a distinguish feature constantly seen in her artworks.
Subject to the extension of the grace of jewelry to more publics, Ting is active in exhibiting and in deliberating with her new works worldwide every year, and her trace can be tracked frequently in Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, China) and Europe (Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece).  Her ingenuity is often cited by several publications who hold a decisive role in jewelry pioneer icon, a few examples as Vogue, L’Orafo, Schmuck, Goldschmidt Zeitung, etc.
Ting decided to set up her own proper brand, Ting H., in 2021 to the objective of elevating the visibility of her emblem of craftsmanship and of sharing her notions to the universe.


Gem-A FGA Diploma
GIA Graduate Diamond Diploma
Attestato di Qualifica Professionale - Tecnico Qualificato in Design Orafo
(Certificate of Professional Qualification - Qualified Technician in Goldsmith Design)
Attestato di Qualifica Professionale - Tecnico Qualificato in Incassatura di Pietra su Metalli Preziosi
(Certificate of Professional Qualification - Qualified Technician in Stone Setting on Precious Metals)
2024 Bloom Spring Jewelry Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2023 Encounter Spring Jewelry Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2021 Happiness Winter Jewelry Exhibition, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 Found TING H Jewelry
2019 Chow Tai Fook X Loupe Dunhuang: Linger on the Silk Road Touring Exhibition
2019 High Light exhibition X Loupe, HK
2019 Weave X Loupe, HK
2019 Chow Tai Fook Loupe Artist-in-Residence, HK
2019 Artistar Jewel, Milan, Italy
2018 Initiation2018, MJW, Munich, Germany
2017 Initiation2017 Artist-in-Residence, Athens, Greece
2016 SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherland
2016 Independent Art Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Good Home Project, Taipei
2016 HAUSIE Private exhibition, HK
2015 Shanghai Design Week, Shanghai
2014 SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherland
2014 Shanghai Jewelry Art Exhibition, Shanghai
2014 Taiwan Contemporary Jewelry Co-Exhibition, Top Red Gallery, DAD-Dashanzi Art District, Beijing
2014 The beauty of women, Showart Galler, Taipei, Taiwan
2014 Inhorgenta Jewellery Fair, Forum Innovation, Munich, Germany
2013 SIERAAD, Amsterdam, Netherland
2013 “Talents” at Tendence, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 Inhorgenta Jewelry Fair, Forum Innovation, Munich, Germany
2011 Copenhagen Jewelry Fair, Brand-New Copenhagen, Denmark
2011 Inhorgenta Jewelry Fair, Brand New— New Brand, Munich, Germany
2010 Arte per La Ricerca FiorGen Italy
2009 Fresh Metal exhibition Lucca, Italy
2023 Artistar Jewel, Milan,Italy
2022 MetalandSmith, USA
2021 Milan HOMI Fashion Jewelry Week – mother’s day issue- Blog, Milan,Italy
2021 Milan HOMI Fashion Jewelry Week- Blog, Milan,Italy
2019 Artistar Jewel, Milan,Italy
2018 Athousandfacets – Blog USA
2018 Athousandfacets - Blog USA
2017 CarrotBox Blog
2016 Jewelry and Cinema, Tincal Lab, Portugal 
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