What is Karat in Gold? Why is Pure Gold Not Suitable for Direct Jewelry Making?

The "K" in karat gold stands for "karat," a measure of gold purity. It represents the ratio of pure gold to alloy in a piece of gold jewelry. The higher the amount of gold, the higher the purity. Common karat ratings include 24K, 18K, 14K, 10K, and 9K. Each purity level of karat gold has different characteristics, which we will introduce in two separate articles.

24K represents pure gold, also known as gold, marked as 999. This indicates that the metal's gold content is 24/24, or 999 thousandths.
Although pure gold is highly valued, jewelry made from gold is not common, for the following three reasons:
1.Soft Metal Properties: Gold is very soft, which is a key reason why pure gold is not suitable for jewelry.
Gold can easily bend, deform, or wear out with just a little force. In other words, jewelry made solely of pure gold is not very safe for frequent wear as it can easily deform and scratch.
At Eastern weddings, many gold jewelry pieces are present, but these are designed for specific purposes and ceremonies and are not recommended for general wear.
2.Bright Color:
The color of gold is brighter and more orange than the jewelry we typically see, which might be too intense for jewelry. However, as a symbol of good fortune and joy, or as a collectible, it is very popular.
3.High Cost of Gold:
The price of gold is almost twice that of 14K gold. If used directly to make jewelry, the cost would increase significantly. However, due to its rarity and high value, gold is often considered a hedge or a store of value.
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