Online Shopping Policy

Online Shopping Policy


-Consumer should follow the necessary steps in the "Purchase Instructions" to generate an order. The Company reserves the right to review the validity of such orders.

-Consumers are requested to follow the instructions below and leave the necessary contact information. To facilitate commodity logistics procedures.

1. Consumer must provide accurate contact information. Please refer to the "Purchase Instructions".

2. If you have made a mistake or need to change the contact information, please send the correct information to as soon as possible. If the products are lost or we suffer any loss due to incorrect information, the consumer is responsible for the costs involved.

3. Please check the correctness of the product immediately upon receipt. If you encounter any problems or find any errors, defects, or requests for return or exchange. Please contact us at We will assist you as soon as possible.

 4. Please make sure that the product you have selected meets your needs before purchasing to protect the rights of both parties.