18K Gold Pendant Diamond Moonstone | serenade

18K Gold Pendant Diamond Moonstone | serenade

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18K gold | pendant | moonstone diamond  
necklace length:18 inch (with adjuster)
dimension:approx. 14.09*6 mm
           approx. 12.6*6 mm
           approx 11.31*6 mm
gemstone:moonstone 6*6mm / 6*8mm
           diamond 3pcs 0.124ct GH/VS
Blue moonlight nocturne: The elusive colour shifts define the pulchritude of moonstone. It shines brilliantly during the daylight and veils mysterious blue at night, reminiscent of five gentle and enchanting fairies, bounding around liberally with multifaceted presence.

Each pendant carries a free spirit, permiting a versatile combination. Whether worn alone or together, they always present distinct styles with intact expression.

Customizing request is welcome.  We also accommodate to jewelry appreciation upon appointment.

To ensure your jewelry stays attendance aside you for longevity, please pursue our instructions of care.