18K Gold Earrings Sapphire Diamonds | Brightening of Life

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18K gold | earrings | sapphire diamond
material:18K gold
gemstone:blue sapphire approx. 25*17 mm
           diamond 2pcs 0.02ct GH/VS

"I have been chasing for light all my life, but all of sudden, I realise that light is not visual, it's life itself."" - Monet

Under the sunlight, the glistening lights of waves are unveiled by the rose-cut sapphire.  The enthralling blue narrates an unpredictable beauty revealed by the interlacing the reflections of mercury light at Monet's garden.

A sanctuary to preserve, to remain forever bound, to relive the splendid ephemeral moments of life - Earrings Sapphire Diamonds, Brightening of Life.

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