18K Gold Ring Pendant Pearl Diamond | Bunny on the Moon

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Discover gold gold ring bunny
18K gold|Can be used for either a pendant or a ring|diamond pearl
material:18K gold
ring size:EU 54
gemstone:pearl approx. 9.1x10.8 mm
The dimension of the natural pearl can be slight varied.
A design classic of Ting H.

A vivacious bunny posing at an indentation of the crescent moon, interpreted by the sleek, mellow and round pearl. The moon movement of waxing and waning can be seen at vertical side of the ring while the multi-expressions of moonlight are expressed by the dazzling diamonds and the shimmery golden glow at horizontal façade.

To depict the bunny jumping onto the crescent moon, it requests simply by flipping over the bunny to become a pendant. The buckle of the pendant appears at the vacant space at both sides where the waning moon is.

This is a piece of art work full of exquisite details.
Customizing request is welcome.  We also accommodate to jewelry appreciation upon appointment.

To ensure your jewelry stays attendance aside you for longevity, please pursue our instructions of care.