18K Gold Ring with Pink Tourmaline Diamond | Unique Charm

18K Gold Ring with Pink Tourmaline Diamond | Unique Charm

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18K gold | ring | pink tourmaline diamond
material:18K gold
dimension:width approx. 1.6*19 mm
ring size:EU 53/ ring diameter(mm) 16.5
gemstone:tourmaline approx. 10.56x4.46x3.07mm
                 diamond 12pcs 0.17ct GH/VS
Thanks to the traced elements, tourmaline possesses one of the most stimulating and extensive colours. Its evolution is usually accompanied with feather cracks. Therefore, what makes this tourmaline scarce is its lucidity and purity.

The tourmaline on the ring outstands a gradient colour in soft semi-transparent pink and is dressed by a string of diamond ring. Simple but deluxe, delicate but liberal, this is the Unique Charm.

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